Spiced Hummus with an Indian TwistBy Parkash BainsIn Greece & the Middle East, it’s no secret that hummus is king and falafels are ever so popular! They are also used in stews and snacks in Africa and the Middle East.
Southwest Quinoa Kale SaladBy Parkash BainsThis salad is just bursting with different flavours, colours and textures. It is not only extremely nutritious bur also very satisfying.
Protein Packed Kale SaladBy Parkash BainsWho says you can’t get enough protein in a vegetarian or vegan meal? This salad is packed with high quality plant protein.
Lemon Pecan ShortbreadBy Parkash BainsThese have become my absolute favourite shortbread cookies! The spelt and millet flour combination makes them digestible for people sensitive to wheat.
Cauliflower RisottoBy Parkash BainsCauliflower Risotto — The trick to making perfectly creamy risotto is that you use Arborio rice and don’t add all the liquid at once.
Holiday BiscottiBy Parkash BainsHoliday Biscotti — Holiday baking is incomplete without biscotti! I have been making biscotti for many years at Christmas time for my family and friends. 
Trailblazer SquaresBy Parkash BainsThe Trailblazer Squares were born. I hope you are enjoying your summer! Unfortunately, here in BC we are in a state of emergency due to over 200 wildfires burning across the province.
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