Love to cook and want to learn new ways to make healthy, delicious vegetarian meals?

Cooking with friends is a wonderful way to enjoy food and a deeper connection.

Here’s how it works

  • 6 weeks, 6 lessons (1 lesson per week)
  • Each lesson is 90 minutes long


  • Week 1. Spices and making masala
  • Week 2. Indian Appetizers
  • 3Week . Beans, Lentils and Rice
  • Week 4. Curry Dishes with Sauce
  • Week 5. Veggie Dishes (dry)
  • Week 6. Flatbreads

Call us to reserve your dates for a fun filled evening and dining with friends at the Global Vegetarian kitchen. 604-355-9295.

Your cost includes

All ingredients and you will enjoy the meal at the end of each lesson.

You will also receive

  1. Online 6 module cooking course “Spice Inspired Kitchen” value $137, with access for life. Here is the link to the information: Spice Inspired Kitchen.
  2. Global Vegetarian Kitchen, 170-page recipe ebook, with 80 recipes, each illustrated with a full page photo.
  3. Feel at Peace Every Day with this 7-Day Mantra Meditation.


  • $160 per lesson with up to 4 students. It can be one-on-one or you can bring 3 additional friends. (With 4 people the cost goes down to only $40 per person). This includes an interactive cooking lesson; all ingredients; dinner; online cooking course and additional bonuses for each person.
  • Total cost for six weeks is $960 ($240 per person for a group of 4).
cooking class
cooking class