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5 Compelling Reasons to Eat Avocados on a Regular Basis

How often do you include avocados in your weekly diet? I am sure you have heard that avocados are rich in fats and calories, but did you know they are also among the best foods to eat since they are full of nutrients and healthy [...]

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Health Benefits of Shallots Or Why We Should Use Them More

I like shallots. Maybe because when living in France, I used to make a basic salad dressing with finely chopped shallots thrown into some olive oil, red wine vinegar and Dijon mustard. Recently, when we grew some nice organic shallots in our garden, I decided to [...]

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10 Facts About Intermittent Fasting: Expel toxins from your body; reduce your stress levels and more.

1) Breakfast: The word breakfast means to break a fast. When we do our regular weekly fast, we have dinner on Sunday, Monday we only have clear liquids (herbal tea or water; sometimes in the evening we may have a cup of clear vegetable broth) [...]

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Organic Strawberries: How Important Is It To Spend Extra?

Buying Organic Is More Important For Some Products Than Others. There is nothing like the spring and summer months when supermarkets are filled with fresh fruits and vegetables. Local farmers markets are just beginning to open up, offering an abundance of fresh produce. When we [...]

By |2017-06-20T12:55:27-07:00April 12th, 2015|Blog, News, Nutrition|7 Comments

Fasting: Clinical Applications

In the process of doing research on fasting, one thing has become very clear; there is much more clinical scientific research being done on this subject now than ever before. And as you might expect, there are many theories for and against. Actually the "against" numbers [...]

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Turmeric: This Centuries Old Super Food Is Back

The scientific name for turmeric is curcuma longa, and actually belongs to the ginger family of root herbs. It is native to the sub-Himalayan region and is now widely grown in many tropical and sub-tropical regions as an important commercial crop. It has been used [...]

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Healing Of Our Bodies Can Begin With Fasting

We all enjoy eating and there is nothing wrong with it. But over the years we have started to eat much more than we need. There's nothing wrong with enjoying our food, but excess food on a continuous basis creates a burden for the body. [...]

By |2019-04-09T18:50:11-07:00January 6th, 2015|Blog, Holistic Living, News, Nutrition|4 Comments

What Is The Human Gut Microbiome?

The human gut microbiome is the bacterial ecosystem of our intestines. It affects our body’s capability to extract energy from our diet. Currently there is an absence of understanding generally about the importance of the gut microbiome’s role in health and well-being. Research suggests that gut–brain axis, a [...]

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